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Do you see yourself in a NO-WIN situation?

I have just what you need - your personal toolkit for creating and managing your ideas to work for you. With this powerful NLP visionary strategy you will boost your: collaborative processes, visionary perspectives, action planning, and implementation skills.

Materials included: audio+video lectures, mind maps, infographic slides.

Why take this course?

To learn how to create, polish and launch ideas that sell!

This course is perfect for you if you are:

  • or want to be an entrepreneur in any sense
  • tired of trying useless approach to create good ideas and boost your activities
  • interested into various NLP Strategies
  • a Business Designer, Innovation Consultant, NLP Researcher, Trainer, Coach, etc. No matter who you are, I guarantee you will be ready to use for your own benefit everything in here in a few minutes.

Alina is an NLP Architect conducting and creating unique NLP business training and coaching over the last 10 years. She had created and implemented new NLP Business strategies, such as Strategic Wealth Generator - Premium NLP Program Level 1©, Organisational Entities©, NLP Says Business©, Repatterning Trust©, Creativity Waves©, Corporate Strategies for Top Management©, NLP Generator for Professionals©.

As a Gamification Business Strategist and behavioral designer, Alina shares her knowledge from training, coaching, research, through her work within organizations and online communities. Her background as an e-commerce entrepreneur since 2007 reinforced her work online, making her a valuable resource for companies and teams in a global environment. - ( e.g.: South Africa's Hiring Bounty, New Zeeland - Conversologie).

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