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Learning tools

Embrace the most popular format of educational content.
Teach thousands of students online in a live format.
Access your students’ knowledge by testing them after taking lessons.
Improve your courses and increase your chance for success by getting feedback from your students.
Students base
Get full access to your student database and communicate with them.


We'll help
We will help you acquire students you need for your platform.
Open prices
Set the prices you want for your products. No limits.
Payment methods
We support Credit Card and PayPal payments.
Promote your products by offering discounts to your audience.
We can feature and promote your courses to our users.

Mobile friendly

Additional channel
Open the power of app store sales by offering your courses for mobile users.
Major platforms
We are supporting two major platforms — iOS & Android.
All devices
Your users are able to learn from smartphones as well as from tablets.
Users from all around the world can buy you product on mobile devices.
Great experience
Our apps are made following the best practice and official guidelines.

Open Catalog

Sell instantly
Dont wait for your audience to visit the new platform and buy.
Go on top!
If you content is popular you will get more visits and sales. Simple!
Your content may be presented in collections that large corporations buy to train their employees.
We have users from all over the world ready to learn new skills.
Сorporate training
You can sell your content to corporations that will use it to train their employees.


One dashboard shows you all the stats you need.
Student Insights
Get insights form the numbers you see and boost your sales.
Analytics Integrations
Google Analytics, Yandex.Metrica, Mixpanel and so on are all included and ready to use.
Data Exports
Export and share the data whenever you want to show to other people or save for yourself.
Events based
Every event on your platform is recorded. You will see everything students do on your platform.


All in one place
You don't need to use WordPress, Medium or other platform to blog.
You will see all the data you need to know how popular your blog is.
Easy writing
Righting posts is as easy as in the best apps and services specifically made for this.
SEO friendly
You do not need to worry about SEO optimization of the blog.
Blog is made for boosting your sales so it is connected with other features of Coursmos.


One of the most popular mailing services.
One of the most popular product analytics tools.
Google Analytics
One of the most popular visits analytics tools.
The service that lets you integrate with almost everything.
+1 000 more

Hosting & Security

Seamless Hosting
You dont need to worry about hosting at all.
24/7 Monitoring
Be 100% sure that your platform will run at least 99,99% of the time.
Data Ownership
All content you uploaded is only yours.
Instant Upgrades
Your platform will always get major updates in functionality instantly.
Protected Payments
We are PCI compliant which makes it a highly protected system to use.

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Leonard Apeltsin
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