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Learning tools


Embrace the most popular format of educational content.


Teach thousands of students in a live online format that allows them to learn anytime, anywhere.


Access your students' knowledge and retention by testing them after each lesson.


Improve your courses and increase your chance for success by getting feedback from your students.

Student base

Get full access to your student database and communicate with your students directly and as often as you like.


We'll help

We're here to help you build the audience you need to succeed on your platform.

Open prices

Set the prices you want. No limits.

Payment methods

We support Credit Card and PayPal payments.


Promote your products by offering discounts to your audience.


We're happy to feature and promote your courses to our users.

Your fully featured website


Customize your site, add your logo and make it your own.


New to web design? Coursmos makes the process worry-free with its modular site structure.

All devices

Coursmos users have the freedom and ease to access and use your site from smartphones, tablets and computers.


Users from around the world can buy and access your products on mobile devices hassle and worry-free!


Building your website is as easy as creating a Facebook page with only a few minutes before your new site is up and running.

Open Catalog

Sell instantly

Why wait for your audience to visit the site and buy? Sell instantly.

Go on top

If your content is popular, you'll benefit from more site visits and sales. It's that simple!


Present your content in collections to attract large corporations looking to buy your course to meet their business goals.


Our users are from around the world and they're all looking to learn new skills.

Сorporate training

Market your content to corporations searching for more efficient avenues to train their employees.



Find all the information and stats you need quickly and conveniently on one dashboard.

Student Insights

Get insights and boost your sales based on student insights and statistics from your platform.

Analytics Integrations

Google Analytics, Yandex.Metrica, Mixpanel, etc. - all are included and ready to use.

Data Exports

Export and share data whenever and however you want at the click of a button.

Events based

With every event on your platform recorded, you'll see everything your students do on your site.

Hosting & Security

Seamless Hosting

There's no need to worry about website hosting with your Coursmos site. We'll do all the work.

24/7 Monitoring

You can be 100% sure that your platform will run smoothly at least 99.9% of the time.

Data Ownership

Any content you upload to your platform is yours, forever.

Instant Upgrades

With our hosting, your platform will receive instant functionality updates around the clock.

Protected Payments

Being PCI compliant, our payment system is highly protected to ensure complete security and confidentiality.


Enable any of our 1,000+ integrations at any time

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“Coursmos is for those who are hungry to learn. Coursmos encourages anyone to create and make money off online courses!“
“Coursmos’s online courses are easy to browse, ranging from art and science to health and beauty.“
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Frequently Asked Questions

Will my site will be branded as Coursmos?
On the first paid plan that costs $19 per month, all Coursmos branding will be removed and your site will be 100% yours.
What is the sales commission rate?
The rate is only 10% for a free plan and 0% starting with the first plan that costs $19. The only commission rate on all the plans is for our payment system, which is 2.9%.
How do I start?
We recommend starting with the Free Coursmos Plan to get a better idea of how to use and benefit from most of our features.
Will you help me create and sell courses?
Oh yes! We have courses on how to create great courses as well as support managers who are always there to help you!
Can I export content from my site?
Yes, your content is 100% yours and 100% safe on Coursmos. If you want to leave Coursmos, we will let you export all the content.