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Coursmos Marketing Program (CMP) is the all-in-one promotion solution we offer to our authors. We know how to market education content without providing -90% discount and spamming "hot deal" websites. We put our knowledge and efforts in every campaign, without choosing VIP-authors. Every author deserves visibility and individual approach!
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CMP starts with the First Phase

We start every long-term partnership with the First Phase - this is the first campaign that gives insights and actual data on author's content, audience, KPIs, and more. This allows to improve and boost author's content and campaign, and proceed with the long-term partnership.

First Phase Campaign consists of 5 Steps:

1. Content review
We evaluate author's content, calculate estimates on traffic, leads, sales. We focus on sales, however estimates are based on Price Per Lead, that can vary from $1 to $100, depending on geo, audience, content price and more.
2. Strategy development
This step is based on previous analysis from the Step 1. Here we plan all the marketing channels and materials we will use - including landing pages, audiences in search engines and social networks, on-site featuring, and more.
3. Campaign development
On this step we build and test landing pages, create marketing campaigns in search engines and social networks, create visual materials for featuring on Coursmos, gather right audience on site, set analytics and campaign tracking.
4. Campaign launch
We launch all marketing activities, optimize them, gather necessary statistics. On this step author starts receiving leads, sales, audience data. This step gives us the most precious data, helping to improve campaign and proceed to the long-term partnership.
5. Report & Analysis
We provide author with all the audience data we gathered, also we calculate received leads, sales, and prepare analytical data. Also we prepare a list of improvements that should be made to improve ROI.

Coursmos doubles author's budget to co-invest

Optimal budget for the First Phase is $1000. This allows us to test as many audiences and channels as possible. This is not a fixed price, but a strongly recommended one. We believe in authors we work with, that's why we DOUBLE author's budget by investing in On-Site Featuring, Search Campaigns, Social Media Marketing, and more.

What author receives after the First Phase?

These are students, that registered on author's platform. Leads information includes Name, Surname, Email, Added date.
These are actual sales made by leads acquired during First Phase campaign.
The report includes list of improvements, analytical data on traffic / audience / content, and after-improvement forecast.

Coursmos Marketing Program Case

This is a typical real case, author is using a PRO plan . Author name and links are hidden due to our Privacy Policy.

After the First Phase several improvements were made: certificate added, handouts added, targeting optimized, course price improved. Client proceeded to the CMP partnership.
Month 1 First Phase budget - $1000
Course price$20
Leads collected263
Price per lead$3.8
Direct sales10
Non-direct sales (lead development)24
Total First Phase revenue$680
Month 2 CMP partnership budget - $2000
Course price$35
Leads collected400
Price per lead$5
Direct sales32
Non-direct sales (lead development)60
Total revenue$3 220
Month 3 CMP partnership budget - $5000
Course price$35
Leads collected1250
Price per lead$4
Direct sales95
Non-direct sales (lead development)160
Total revenue$8 295

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